This book was inspired by a series of repeated events, rather than a single inspirational moment.  Time and time again, in seminars, ranging from academic conferences to public lectures, audiences have responded to my message of how we can participate in a sustainable biosphere with a common response, which goes something like this: "It all sounds great but the world just isn't going to change its ways".  This made me think about why the world "isn't going to change its ways".  And this book is the consequence of these thoughts.

Ultimately, we find ourselves in a place I call Bubbleworld.  Its thin walls are transparent, and consist of how we think about things.  The walls appear strong but can be broken if we wish to escape.  For, ultimately, it is we who voluntarily remain within this bubble.  Bubbleworld represents a place of isolation, selfishness, distorted thinking and artificial reality. Separated from our original context, as part of a balanced biosphere, we have lost our way and turned to ourselves for solutions.   We trace this isolation back to the Enlightenment, where we turned to human reasoning and technology to solve our problems and we set a course for a utopia, along Progress Road.  Industry, economics and experimental science all came under its spell.

I argue that the future of our existence does not lie in some technological innovation, in human reasoning nor in some economic miracle, but rather in something as simple as the way we think about things.  It's about recognizing that we are the Vulnerable Ones, and that sustainability is not about human ecology, conservation biology nor green fuel.  Rather the answers lie in the science of the Biosphere, whose relationships pave the way for our true salvation, as participants, rather than as destroyers. Through science, we uncover the broken relationship between humans and the rest of the Biosphere, and learn how we can re-discover our place on the planet.  So join me, and let's escape from Bubbleworld!

KRS, Letham. September, 2011.


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